domingo, 16 de novembro de 2014

Words are not enough

Escrevi o texto abaixo no ano passado como parte das atividades do meu curso de Inglês, revendo as minhas atividades, resolvi compartilhar na WEB pois trata-se de um tema super atual.

O tema era: Words are not enough

Human… This word is amazing. We are considered the most intelligent species on the Planet, however, we are the worst for it. What do we do in this world? What is our mission in the world? Perhaps we will never understand.

Have you ever thought that maybe this planet is not ours? Even though, the responsibility to care for it is in our hands. Many species have lived here long before us. Just we are its guests; we invaded its territory and are destroying its homes. It supported us for centuries, forgave us countless times, but we have ignored its situation. We have been one of the worst species and still it accepts us as its owners. We are the only species that attack and destroy by ambition, or just to live a little better.

The world is yours, it’s ours, it’s all of us, however, remember that it is also the world is theirs, and we have to understand that they cannot do anything about it to save themselves, much less to save the planet. The planet Earth is dying, we are destroying so overwhelmingly, and it’s hungry for love, it doesn’t have more strength and nevertheless follows generously presenting us the best shows ever since we have come here.

The planet has been the best host of your species. Did it not deserve recognition? If we were given the ability to speak, think, create, build and help, why do we keep silent, ignore, kill and destroy? We have to open our eyes, we are given the privilege of living. We are billions of people on this planet, we are thinking and rational generation. Why do not we realize this? We are able to conquer countries, the Moon and other planets, however, are not able to conquer our own hearts.

Start by changing yourself, to be remembered as a species that was wrong, but corrected your mistakes in time, the planet is not the same and we cannot wait any longer, we know what we have to do, time runs, the future of the planet is in your hands, help it, help us, because the planet is you.